Landlords Tax Accountant

If you have a property that you rent out, then you will need to complete an annual self-assessment tax return and include the rental property pages. 

Whilst having a rental property can be a great investment, dealing with the rental property tax accounting and filing your self-assessment tax return can be very stressful. Our accountants for landlords can take the task off your hands. 

What Are The Tax Implications for Landlords?

All landlords with one or more properties that you rent out, will need to complete an annual self-assessment tax return. If you are a landlord and have not yet registered for self-assessment, please follow the instructions on our Personal Tax service page.

This rule applies to all landlords whether you’re simply renting out a second home or are a landlord owning multiple properties and it is your main income. When you complete your tax return you must fill in the property rental pages.

To save yourself the hassle, you can provide our landlord accountants with details of your allowable expenses and other relevant paperwork, then we’ll do the rest.

How Can Hippo Accountants Help Landlords?

Our property tax accountants deal with many landlords every year, helping them to keep on top of their tax. We offer advice and services to help landlords with:

  • Rental property
  • What expenses they can claim
  • Property tax advice

Why not get in touch today and let us act as your rental property accountants? We are an online accountant offering a wide range of personal and business tax advice. 


Capital Gains Tax

If you’re a landlord that’s sold a property, don’t forget you may need to file a Capital Gains Tax form within 60 days. Learn more about Capital Gains Tax Reporting

Fees For Landlord Accounting

You will need a basic self-assessment tax return, and then a set of rental pages for each property that you rent out.

We charge:

  • £600 + VAT for the basic self-assessment tax return with 1 rental property
  • £100 + VAT for each additional property

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When Hippo files your Landlord Taxes for you, we donate 7 days of meals to a nursery child in Ethiopia

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